Why all herbs love light

Herbs, and all other plants on earth, love light. Because light, along with water, is their fuel. Under the influence of light plants produce energy in their green leaves. The energy they need to grow and to flourish. 

If plants get too little light, their leaves will become yellow and the plant stops growing. This is exactly what happens with fresh herbs that are kept inside.


Herb Heroes are here to help you, with the Herb Booster. A super hero in the form of an LED lamp that spreads the PAR red light across the leaves of your herbs. 

With the right nutrition and water, your kitchen herbs will flourish under the Herb Booster. 


The sun, is naturally still the best growth lamp in the solar system and gives out different types of light. One sunbeam contains dozens of different types of radiation. From UV radiation, to all colours of the light spectrum. 

Researchers have discovered that there is also a type of radiation that plants use to grow. That makes them bigger, greener and juicier. This type of radiation is called PAR red light.

Even if your herbs are in front of the window: we all know there isn’t much sun in the Netherlands. Herbs that grow in a pot, get too little PAR red light. Poor herbal plants!



And there is… light! 
PAR red light to be exact. 
Exactly the type of light that plants need to grow and to flourish.

Researchers have developed a type of LED lamp that only spreads the PAR red light, the radiation that plants love. 
This magical super LED lamp is in the Herb Booster. 
So your kitchen herbs get the right light. Even when they’re inside. 

From now on they will always have enough light to stay juicy and green. So you can enjoy them longer.


PAR red light happens to be a very efficient type of radiation? Besides this an LED lamp does not need a lot of energy. That’s why the Herb Booster only uses a small amount of electricity. So it’s environmentally friendly!

How to use your Herb Booster lamp?

Sweet and simple?

For the best result put your herbs in our cheerful Hydro Herb Pots.
You don’t have Hydro Herb Pots yet? Put the plastic pot containing the plants on a saucer and make sure there is always water in it.

The Herb Booster has two settings. If you click once you will get white light. This is beautiful, but not effective. 
So click twice to convert the Herb Booster into a growth lamp that gives out the PAR red light.

Your herbs need about 8 hours of sleep and 16 hrs of light. So similar to you. 

So switch off the Herb Booster before going to bed and on again when enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning

Did you know that if you drink more than 10 litres of water within two hrs, you’ll die? The same applies to your herbs. Too much water makes them rot.

When using our Hydro Herb Pots, your plants get exactly the right amount of water.

Luckily herbs are not carnivores. Imagine if they used us as a snack instead of the other way around! 

If you want your herbs to live and be greener, juicier and stronger than ever before, use our Herb Power Grow Sticks. 


Checked everything? Then your large gardening adventure can begin so you can always enjoy happy plants and tasty fresh herbs!

Do you have any questions or comments? Does something not entirely work out as expected? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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