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You can’t stay alive without nutrition. This also applies to plants. They get their vitality from sunlight, water and soil. The same is true of your cheerful pot of basil or parsley.

You would think there is enough nutrients in the soil, but to live longer, plants need something extra. In nature this can be, for example, manure.


Of course, manure in the kitchen is a ridiculous and terrible idea. Fortunately, Herb Heroes to the rescue with the Herb Power Grow Sticks: special nutrition sticks that give your herbal plants the nutrients they need.

To the rescue!

This will make your herbs happy


In order to grow, alongside light and water, plants also require additional substances. Minerals, for example, and fertilisers such as nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium. Plants retrieve this from the soil with their roots. 
The soil of a pot of herbs contains quite a few substances, because your herbs grew up in that soil. But the longer a plant grows, and the smaller the container in which it is planted, the more nutrients it requires. 
With the Herb Booster your herbal plant grows for much longer, longer than there the stock of nutrients in the soil. That’s why a bit of extra nutrition helps. But how much should you give? And when? Herb Heroes solves that problem. The Herb Power Grow sticks contain everything a herbal plant needs for eight weeks. 

Super Duper Growth Sticks


With the Herb Booster prepare your herbal pots from the supermarket so your plants can grow and flourish for much longer. As a result, at some point the soil in the pot no longer contains enough nutrients. Some extra nutrients offer help here so the plant can grow for longer and supply you with tasty herbs for longer.
But fertilising the plants yourself can be quite complicated. What does a plant need exactly? And what if I fertilise too much or too little? When should I feed the plants? 

And what substances are good for the plants?

To answer all these questions and as a solution for everyone with, let’s say, a slightly green thumb, we have the Herb Power Grow Sticks. This makes any herbal plant grow and shine. 

Put one of these sticks in the pot and your plant will have enough nutrients for a long time to come. Nice and easy, and with even bigger, even tastier herbs as a result.

Heaven for a herbal plant at home


The Herb Power Grow Sticks are sticks that contains all nutrients that a herbal plant requires. It makes the soil extra nutritious and full of nutrients that the plants absorb through their roots. 

The Herb Power Grow Sticks make the leaves extra firm, tasty and juicy, and the herbal plant lives extra-long. Especially if the plant can enjoy the extra light from the Herb Booster and is placed in a Hydro Herb pot: these are ideal conditions. Heaven for a herbal plant at home in your kitchen.  


don’t overdose
Use per square metre of garden: 1 stick per 15 cm.
Extra tender lovin'

Order your Herb Power Grow Sticks today and give that little extra love to your store-bought herbs!

One stick is enough for 4 days of growing fun.

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