Drow-ning is the leading cause of death!


It seems so simple: a plant needs water, so you water it.
Water and plants are a bit like you and food: too little is not good, but too much isn’t good either. With too little water a plant dries out, with too much water it drowns. 
Did you know that not dehydration, but drowning is the leading cause of death for house plants?

This as well as the method of watering. 
Want to know how to water properly? Want to bet that the best way of using the watering can is to empty it in the pot? Few people know that this is not the correct way of ensuring plants have a long life... 


In nature, plants live off the groundwater. And that is usually right at the bottom of their roots. The plant’s roots are the straws through which they drink. If the soil they’re planted in is too wet, the roots will rot and eventually the plant will die. 

Naturally it also rains in nature, but that is much less than the water that you pour over the plants with your watering can. The result: some spots are too dry, others much too wet. 
So it is better to water the plants from underneath. This way, the roots can absorb exactly what they need and they will not rot.


This can be done by placing the plant - in a pot with holes underneath - on a saucer and then pouring water in the saucer. Only if the saucer is empty do you need to add water.

You can do it even more precisely and easily with the Herb Heroes special Hydro Herb Pots. This ensures that your herbal plants never get too much or too little water. Plus they’ll fit much better in a stylish designer kitchen than the dull supermarket pots.

To the rescue!

Why our Hydro Herb pots are so handy

Imagine: you get a huge glass of water once a day but nothing for the rest of the day. 
Sometimes you get nothing for a few days. 
And then too much in a day so you get stomach ache. 

 Your body doesn’t like it when you sometimes have too little water and sometimes too much water. You prefer to drink if you are thirsty and drink as much as you like. This also applies to your plants.

Hydro Herb Pots

To solve this problem, the Herb Heroes range includes the Hydro Herb Pots. These plant pots are cheerful, fit in your kitchen neatly and come in various colours. In short: they look great in the kitchen. This in itself is reason enough to buy a Hydro Herb Pot. But they offer much more than just good looks: they are super smart.



The Hydro Herb Pots consist of two parts. The upper part is for the herbal plant. Simple. The lower container is for the water. The two parts are connected by a cotton thread. The thread hangs in the water tank under the plant.
If the roots of the plants are dry, they use the thread as a drinking straw. If the thread is dry because the roots have taken all moisture out, it will start absorbing water again so the roots can do so in their turn from the thread.

This way your plants get exactly the right amount of water they need. Not too much, not too little.
Think of it as a large bottle of water with a drinking straw. You can just take a sip when you are thirsty.

Did you know that...


The Hydro Herb Pots also water your plants when you are not at home? 

Because it only has to be refilled a few times a week your kitchen herbs will grow much better and flourish in the Hydro Herb Hero Pots.

To the rescue!


How to use the Herb Hydro pots.

Bye bye watering can, day splashing and mini floods on the kitchen worktop. Au revoir dry withered herbal plants that are ready for the bin after a weekend away or have sad drooping leaves. 


Hello hip pots in which the herbs from the supermarket fit exactly and always give plants the right amount of water.


That’s about it. After these steps your herbs Growth Adventure can begin.

Do you have any questions or comments? Does something not entirely work out as expected? Don’t hesitate and contact us.

3..2..1 GO! TO THE RESCUE!
Order the Hydro Herb pots now!

The Hydro Herb Pots are elegant and super intelligent watering pots for your fresh herbal plants.

Give your plants exactly the right amount of water and they’ll last much, much longer. Especially if you combine them with the Herb Booster LED lamp as well as the special nutrition sticks.

The Hydro Herb Pots are available in various colours and come in sizes for one or for two plants.

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