Tasty and cheerful, that’s what those fresh herbal plants in pots from the supermarket seem to be. Shame that they often waste away after one use. Even though you watered them. We have to fix this! 

I am Herb! Hero of the herbs! I save plants that are at death’s door. I put them in the right light, give them the right amount of water and pamper them with extra nutrition to make sure my green friends have a long and happy live.

Do you also want to give your herbs a better life and save them from a premature death? Then become a Herb Hero! On this site you will find everything you need to enjoy your tasty herbal plants for much longer.

Herb Heroes to the rescue!


With the Herb Booster it’s as if the sun is shining inside your house


Herbal plants that you buy in the supermarket always look great and tasty. But after just two weeks they can be withered and shrivelled. 
How did that happen? The main cause: not enough sunlight.  

HERB Heroes to the rescue!
The Herb Booster is a lamp under which your herbs will flourish again.

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Bye bye watering can, day splashing and mini floods on the kitchen worktop. Au revoir dry, withered herbal plants that are ready for the bin after a weekend away or have sad drooping leaves. 

Hello hip pots that are the perfect fit for herbs from the supermarket and ensure the herbs always get the right amount of water.


Thanks to the Herb Booster, plants live much longer. But by continuing to grow and making tasty and juicy new leaves, at some point the plant can use some extra nutrition.

But how do I fertilise? What does a plant need exactly? And what if I fertilise too much or too little? When should I feed the plants? And what substances are good for them? 

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